Our store features books by Latter-day Saints, for Latter-day Saint readers allowing us to appeal to any particular taste a customer may have. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We can order the book for you.

In just a few business days, we’ll get that book to you so that you can enjoy a quiet evening at home, prepare a nice gift for someone or simply use it to expand your horizons.

We can assist you in selecting the right literature and will be glad to go that extra mile for you! Whether you’re searching for the perfect mystery novel or a doctrinal book by General Authorities, if you need a reference book to further your education or you just want some advice on a certain topic, or you just need a book to relax with – Pritchard Book Nook is your one-stop LDS bookstore. Find out more about our products right here!


We have an extensive collection of “gently” used books just waiting for you. Stop by and see which book you might enjoy relaxing with. Some of your favorite LDS Fiction writers books are included here. Including: Anita Stansfield, Rachel Nunes Clair Poulson Betsy Brannon Green Traci Hunter Abramson and many more.


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